Friends of Budlong Sponsors

Our Sponsorship Program allows us to provide much needed supplies, programming, and technology to our students. Public schools grow stronger with community support. We could not fund technology support, Teacher Grants, and our many projects we have been able to without the support of our Sponsors. We thank our Sponsors for being #withbudlong and allowing us to continue to #bebudlongbeautiful!

2021/22 Sponsors!!

We want to thank all of our 2021/22 Budlong Sponsors for so generously donating and sponsoring Budlong! We thank our Sponsors for being #withbudlong and allowing us to continue to #bebudlongbeautiful!

2022 Sponsorship Program

2021/22 FAMILIES #withBUDLONG!

Thank you so much to our FAMILIES #withBUDLONG!! Because of the generous donations from our Budlong families and community, and through programs such as our FAMILIES #withBUDLONG program and our Sponsorship Programs, we are able to invest in some pretty amazing things for our Beautiful Budlong School! We want to truly thank all of our FAMILIES #withBUDLONG and our sponsors for allowing us to grow and continue to #bebudlongbeautiful! Without the support of this incredible community none of this would be possible!!

It’s not too late to join our FAMILIES #withBUDLONG program. Click below to join!

Thank you to our Sponsors!!

It's not too late to join our Sponsorship Program! You can click on either image above to join today!!

Please help us thank and support our sponsors who have so generously supported us.